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Title: [K4H]dafreak
Post by: Holocaust on January 12, 2017, 04:39:51 pm
Unfortunately, I have bad news yet again.  We have lost another of our longest running members.  Kurt Newman joined October 25, 1998, coincidentally at the same time as KaeBaek (Roy King) did.  Kurt was very close to one of the first people I ever met from online.  He went to Southern Methodist University and when I was looking around at schools he volunteered to show my Dad and I around campus.  We've kept in contact through all this time and he was always such a positive, fun, and easy going person which is why it hurts so much more to say that he's passed away as yet again he was a good one that made life just a little better.  He leaves behind a very young son and wife.  I'll update as I get more information.